New Wine in Old Coke Bottles

img_7978New wine in old bottles

Le Chateau Atasunts est arrive! (No idea how to add the missing accent– punctuation, not pronunciation) Yes, Ara has delivered 12 liters of brand new wine, just out of the bathtub, and fresh in the bottle. Of course he and his father grew, picked and pressed the grapes themselves.

When I pour my first Atasunts 2018, I will use a standard wine glass, and not one of the gilt-flourished fairy cups that are commonly used to serve wine in Armenian households. Here, wine is a genteel ladies drink and is served by the thimbleful so women can join in the toasting at celebration dinners. Where there is a larger glass on the table, it is to be used for compote–fruit juice–or tan–a yogurt drink. Many women just raise their dainty wineglass lipwards and don’t touch the contents at all. A lot of wine that begins life in the bathtub, ends up down the sink. Apsos. It’s a pity. I on the other hand, risk social shame by swigging it down and asking for refills. About 8 acorn cupules make a full-sized glass.

Men here drink homemade vodka, also in shot glasses. 8 of those will render even a rhino gibbering and incomprehensible. My fellow PCV Clayton Davis, having recovered from over-indulgence at a children’s party, writes about his latest vodka experience below. I urge you to read it– great writing, very funny, and a real insight into Armenian hospitality.


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