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Home thoughts from abroad

  I didn’t hear about the Westminster bombing until 24 hours after it happened. I was in transit, and then in a place without papers, TV or internet. This saved me hours of worry because the dead and maimed had … Continue reading

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Tarragon soda and salad with sorrel

Milhous is my beef-up buddy. It will be his role to stiffen my spine and strengthen my resolve when I have a wobble in the Caucasus. For more than thirty years he has provided bracing advice and general bucking up … Continue reading

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From Washington DC to Yerevan

You’ll have heard of the Smithsonian of course. And the Lincoln Memorial. And the US Capitol. These are the icons and institutions for which Washington DC is rightly famous. You will not have heard of the Hyatt Place hotel, built … Continue reading

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For my daughter, with thanks

Ever since she was nine years old, my daughter has held my hand when we are out and about. She does this to stop me tripping or, worse, running  headlong into traffic. Her caution is well-advised for I can fall … Continue reading

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Amnesia and Arafat: The World According to Barkis

Margie, a docent and all-round decent person, led the learning at my going-away dinner. Her project board featured maps of Armenia. A pop-quiz quickly confirmed that no one knew where it was. Kevin was closest and Michael (who couldn’t join … Continue reading

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 Pack up your troubles…

“If you haven’t got it by now, you don’t need it–just relax.” This advice came from a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) currently serving in Armenia. It is three weeks before my own service begins.  Ah yes, relaxing. In preparation for Peace … Continue reading

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