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Knickers, twisted

If there is a nuclear accident here in Armenia I could be in more trouble than most. First, I have managed to lose — or simply failed to pick up–the very expensive, giant horse pills which Peace Corps issued, and … Continue reading

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Learning to Travel Light

My straight-talking sister, having requested an update on my whereabouts, texted me just one word: gypsy. My guess is that she did not mean this in a “respect for the Romanies”, or even a “banjo-playing, gaily- coloured flounces, and horse-drawn … Continue reading

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Two Fat Ladies Ride Again

“Wrap up warm” she said “and don’t forget stout shoes.” I grimaced. So far, it didn’t sound like my idea of a treat. Then she tried to lend me her boyfriend’s fleece, and tutted when she saw one of my … Continue reading

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Why Armenia?

My sister fears that I will spend my old age gibbering incontinently in her outhouse. My decision to leave the world of employment in favour of two years unpaid in Armenia has caused her to sputter more than usually loudly … Continue reading

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