Buy Liz Barron’s Original Art

Own a one-off painting at an unbeatable price. All original acrylics are signed, sold and shipped unframed from the United States. Shipping is included in the price you pay.

Check back often for latest artworks from Ireland, Armenia, and all over the place.

October release: all profits featuring Armenian landscapes will be donated to charities supporting those threatened by hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh.

To see detail from any painting, check out the gallery at the bottom of this page. For other questions please email with the name of the painting you like in your subject line.

Summer Evening near Annahilt, Co.Down

11×14 inches unframed. Acrylic on 136 lb paper. Price includes shipping from US.

100.00 $

Tam’s View Central Italy Sold: Private Collection
Sold: Private Collection
Artichoke Flower Sold: Private Collection
To Market, Marrakesh. Sold: Private Colledction
SOLD: Private Collection
Derelict Charm, Armenia Sold: Private Collection