About Liz Barron 



Fat and over-fifty, Liz Barron is usually found sitting down. You’ll spot her behind a desk, on her sofa, or at a bar. There have been sightings in restaurants with tasting menus; in the back of taxis ( surrounded by shopping bags); and on planes worldwide. She’s the one who always asks for a gin and tonic, and the red wine. Usually she leaves an item of clothing or luggage behind. When Liz was a child in Northern Ireland in the 1960s, her brother and sister mocked her because she never had grass-stained knees–the skidmark trademark of those who spent time playing outside. Liz has never caught a ball. None of her clothing has zips or hoods. In 2017,  Liz moved from an executive career in Washington DC to the Republic of Armenia where she spent two years living with subsistence farmers, and running national English-language activities for Armenian teens. This blog catalogs her everyday adventures in Armenia and elsewhere.




2 Responses to About Liz Barron 

  1. Shelagh says:

    Liz, I came across your blog by chance, it is entertaining and very eloquently written, with great use of words and imagery. I realised that I knew you very very many years ago! From Marigold Moment I found your earlier blog The Blarney Crone and was transported back to Saintfield Road where I lived until I was twelve. Your reminiscing about the old church hall, bunnies, brownies and guides brought back such happy memories, I clearly remember you from those times. My mum, Barbara Benson was the guide captain until we moved and then Mrs Shaw took over. I loved my childhood in Northern Ireland but have never been back as we had no family there, I keep in touch with my best friend from those days, Barbara McNeill and my mum kept in touch with many friends, including the McAdams, for many years so snippets of news have come my way of the families I knew as a child, but your blog has reminded me of other things. You have obviously had a wonderful, exciting successful life and I send you very best wishes for your next wonderful venture in Armenia, Shelagh Ford (nee Benson)


    • Liz Barron says:

      Shelagh, I am sorry I didn’t reply to this before. For some reason it only just popped up on my site. I remember you as the Knight of the Bath at a Brownie fancy dress contest–you were wrapped in towels and carried a back scrub brush (do they sell those any more?) and a loofah. I am sorry you don’t have family in Belfast any more but am glad you are in touch with Barbara–send her my best and see if you can get her reading too. I remember her and Patricia very well. Keep in touch and let me know if you are ever in Armenia 😉 Liz


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