The Cambridge grads, pet people and STEM lovers–where are they?

emilia2It is easy to see why Cambridge want her. Emilia combines a ferocious intellect with a passion for animal welfare, and a desire to contribute to the future of her country. She is an all-round amazing young woman-fit, modest, kind and endlessly interested in everything.  Emilia was a student at our Creative English camp last week. She combines excellence in science subjects with a love of writing, art and poetry.

Emilia has been awarded a 65% scholarship to study veterinary medicine at the world’s oldest university. It is a remarkable achievement and she should begin her studies in England this autumn.

emilia3There is only one snag. Emilia cannot take up her place unless she can prove she has the other  funding in place for all six years of her program. This is a fortune for any family in Armenia and would be a stretch for anyone in any part of the world. She’s has already won a couple of other grants, but she is about $10,000 per year short of her goal.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am not allowed to solicit funds which is a pity because it would mean  so much to Emilia–and to the future of animal care in Armenia (there is no good vet school here) if every Cambridge alum I know were to give a couple of pounds, Euros or dollars to support her study fund. Or if every animal lover I know were to make her a pet project. Or if every woman who aspires to see more girls in STEM education  were to back her bid for brilliance. If all those people knew about Emilia and her dream to revolutionize small and large animal care here in the South Caucasus, I am sure they would be part of the push to propel her into class in Cambridge. If only I had a way to share Emilia’s story

About Liz Barron

Returned US Peace Corps Volunteer (Armenia 17-19). Permanent address in Washington DC. Deep roots in Northern Ireland and persistent Belfast accent. Blogger, cook, painter, mother, grandma, Scrabble-player and enthusiastic world traveller.
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3 Responses to The Cambridge grads, pet people and STEM lovers–where are they?

  1. Lucyvw says:

    Ok done. But who is Rona Baghoomian? (The beneficiary of e’s fund). X

    Sent from my mobile – please excuse fat thumbs



    • Liz Barron says:

      Thank you so much Lucy. It will be a relative in Glendale LA. Go Fund Me won’t pay out to an Armenian bank so the money has to go to someone trusted and then be transferred. It is a pain and expensive. Hopefully as Armenia becomes less corrupt under our new administration things will become simpler here.


  2. Paul Prentiss says:

    The easiest solution is for Cambridge to fill the gap. It’s not exactly going to break the university’s budget. Wishing her all the best.


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